Real-time Reporting

Marsupial Landscape Management is at the forefront of innovative reporting and scheduling systems and communications.

We have developed the Mtrack system – a solution that converts paperwork into App technology.

This comprehensive real-time reporting system is tailored for each customer enabling effective response to their unique landscape management requirements and keeping them informed. More than 20 intuitive features are added to provide efficiency, accuracy, and intelligence of our data collection. Some of these include:

  • Time and Date Stamping
  • GPS Mapping
  • In field Site Reporting
  • Service Auditing
  • In-form Signature Collection
  • Before and After Photos and so much more

Customers are provided with a secure web based portal enabling real time visibility and reporting on all data being collected in the field.

Mtrack is extremely beneficial for customers who manage multiples sites or a portfolio across various territories. The data collected can be formatted to meet specific customer needs as well as self-servicing login capability.

" We are really delighted to be working with Marsupial Landscape Management in developing the Mtrack System. They have a proven track record in their field and have a strong & loyal customer base, which is a credit to them and testament to their approach "

- Matt Burge, CEO